What is DeepEsper

DeepEsper is a computer go program developed by SkyHobbit Go club. This program is not a go game but a logic to play go. It is aimed to elucidate what is win. In addition, we are also aiming for a Go program that humans feel pleasing and enjoyable, as well as a Go program to support improvement of human skill.

We continue to expand based on programs created by participating in Computer Go training seminars held at the University of Electro-Communications in 2015. We expand the sample program of the course, so DeepEsper is influenced by the Go program "Aya".

The program source code and executable file are not opened as of 2017 now. We do not distribute or sell.


Board size 9x9 version, record with 4 wins and 2 losses in the 2015 computer go training seminar, 5th place in 16 people. It is about 1600 in rating of CGOS 9x9.

Board size 19x19 version, in the 9th UEC Cup, Rank 27th. 2 wins and 5 losses. The possibility is hidden. It is about 1000 in the rating of CGOS 19x19.


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  • History and Schedule

    DateVersionChange Contents
    2021/03/206.0.012th UEC cup entry version
    2018/07/215.0.02018 CGF openentry version
    2017/03/184.0.010th UEC cup entry version
    2016/10/023.0.22016 CGF Open19ro entry version
    2016/10/013.0.12016 CGF Open9ro entry version
    2016/03/192.2.519ro version Completion9th UEC cupentry version
    2015/09/121.0.09ro version Completion. Computer go Seminar mini Convention entry version.